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Our Approach

Effective financial planning isn’t just about getting a favorable return on your portfolio—it’s about achieving a sense of harmony in your life that allows you to live more, worry less, and enjoy your life. It stems from having clarity about where you are now, confidence about where you’re going, and quality resources to help you get there.


We begin with listening—we listen to you so we can understand what you want from your future and your financial plan. We learn about the preferences, priorities and dreams that you have so that we can create a customized plan. Symphony Financial is a team that knows and understands you—a team that isn’t going to forget the little details that make this process yours.

Collaborate & Compose

Next, we collaborate with you to build a financial plan that addresses every element of your financial life. It’s important that we consider how every component works together in harmony. We want to make sure nothing is left out and no opportunities are lost. We also want to make sure risks are mitigated.

Perform & Enjoy

Once Symphony knows what you want your plan to look like, we perform—we implement the solutions we’ve identified. We maintain and manage your strategies, working in concert with our internal team and with you so you can relax and enjoy your life—so you can live more and worry less.